A dream came true

When I was a child, I was dreaming to have a zoo. This dream couldn’t be realized, but the love for animals followed me during all my live.

Nowadays, I feel happy to take care of my dogs and I can’t imagine a live without them. The amount of dogs is not important, as the quality and the characteristics of the breed. Each dog lineages must be well known and a dog is chosen for reproducing only if he deserves this designation.

My kennel includes a large area of 2000 m2, partly covered, has comfortable shelters for rest with trees and vegetation to provide shadow.

The maternity is at my house, including rooms and about 90 m2 of outside area.

I spend most of my time treating and observing the dogs, which gives me a lot of satisfaction.

Born in Switzerland (Basle), I am living since 1974 in the Estrela Mountains. Portugal highest mountains. I learnt to appreciate this beautiful shepherd dogs and. I start to breed since 1987.

Getting a lot of experiences and always with a lot of dedication and love for animals, I can’t imagine a live without dogs.

All my reproducing dogs have made the X-ray of the hip and elbow, descending from champions and the best lines of the Serra da Estrela.

The kennel name “da Quinta de S. Fernando” is registred by the FCI (Federation Cynologique International)

For any further information, please contact-me:

Suzette Preiswerk da Mota Veiga
Canil da Quinta de S. Fernando
6260-909 Manteigas / Serra da Estrela

Tel: (+351) 275 981 215 – Móbil: (+351) 91 946 53 18
Fax: (+351) 275 982 670
e-mail: suzette@estrela-dog.com