The origin of the breed

The Estrela Mountain Dog belongs to one of the oldest breeds of the Iberian Peninsula, but we actually haven’t any concrete informations about the origin of the breed. The breed exists in this portuguese high mounty region since remote time, its true origin being lost, but surely already before the present of the Romans, probably introduced together with the first shepherds and his sheeps. These flock stock guarding dogs where used for protect sheeps and cattle, especially in mountain regions to follow the shepherd with its flock to defend them against wolves and thieves. The Serra da Estrela mountains in Portugal became the origin of this magnificent breed, due to the isolation and difficult access in passed time.

The Estrela Mountain Dog and his caracter

Each breed has its specific character developed during all his passed. All Mountain Dogs are used to stay and guard the flock, even when the shepherd went to village. That’s give them a typical independent character and the capacity to act by themselves in case od danger, as well as all other qualities of a good watching dog.

Just this independent character makes the Estrela Mountain Dog very wll adapted for our modern time, because he the Estrela Dog can wait patiently for the return of his master and family at the end of the day and always watching and defending house and garden against thieves.

But you can be sure: the behaviour of the dog depends also very much about the education and socialisation he has received and the relationship with his master and family members.

Males are often dominant with other male dogs, but female are very sweet and more obedient. Both used to be very submitted to his master and family. A constant basic education and a good leadership, but without strong education method, always understanding the special dog caracter, will help the dog to be well socialised.

The beauty, his high intelligence and the ability to observe, his vigour and long life, makes this breed more than a simply watchdog. He is also very tolerant with children and a good familly dog.

My puppies can reach the new familly after 8 or 9 weeks old, of corse vacinated and dewormed, with EU-Passport, Veterinary Declaration and with Export Pedigree LOP of the Clube Português de Canicultura (

For any further informations, please don’t hesite to contact me. It will be a plaesure to explain you more about the breed and giving more tips for a sucessful education:

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